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What sets a Dragon above the competition?

Simple, barebone, designs with high quality components, hand wired on a turret board layout. All amps use Mercury Magnetics transformers and JJ Vaccum Tubes. But the signature design of every Dragon is the use of the EF86 Pentode pre-amp tube. This is a high-fidelity tube with a larger headroom than what is found in traditional 12AX7 triodes. This allows for more overtones from the instrument to be captured and processed through the amplifier. The tambre and touch of the instrument shines through these amps while adding their own harmonics to the signal to create an outstanding sound. All amps are single channel with no FX loop.

Whelp Amplifier


The lowest wattage amplifier in production, the Whelp tops out at 8 watts for its maximum output. The beauty of this design comes from its class A single ended power amplifier. Two EL 84’s drive the speaker to deliver an undivided waveform to the listener. What the Whlep lacks in power it makes up for with its sweet asymmetrical waveform. This allows for the truest fidelity of the guitar to reach the speaker. Perfect for a bedroom practice amp or recording guitar leads in the studio. One 8 ohm 12” speaker recommended for its load.

Wyvern Amplifier


The Wyvern beaks into jam room volume levels with a 30 watt class AB push-pull amplifier. This amp has the power to drive a half stack but a 2x12” cabinet is recommended for the best response from the amp. Two 6L6’s drive an 8 ohm load and deliver pillowy overtones similar to a Fender Bassman. The amp projects a warm chime in its low gain end and a thick crunch when at its maximum output. This model uses a 5UA4 tube rectifier in its power supply to deliver a sag on each note’s attack. This makes the amp have better sustain at the cost of a sharp attack. When the amp is dialed to its maximum output the sag becomes pronounced and the amp takes on a heaving characteristic. Big chords now sound like they are “breathing” or have a mild vibrato effect. An ideal machine for dirty, heavy music with a wild attitude.

Harbinger Amp


The Harbinger weighs in at 50 watts for its maximum output. Easily drive a half stack with any band in the jam room or on stage. Two KT66’s make up the power amplifier section of this amplifier and drive an 8 Ohm load. The bass response of this amp is tight and controlled while the top end is swirling and smooth even at its loudest output. Big, fat and crunchy is the realm of this amp. The power supply uses a fast-switching diode rectifier to create the cleanest and best responding voltage to power the amplifier. The pre-amp uses an additional gain stage to give the amp a sharp break up before reaching the power amp. This is described as “Brittish Distortion” in layman’s terms. This alows for the amp to have the cleans of a Fender Bassman but the aggressive, thick break-up of an Orange amp or a Marshall JTM 45. The touch response of this amp is incredible, and the attack is wicked sharp. Chords are clear and present. Players describe it as being able to hear each string in a chord even at the higher gain settings. Sloppy playing is immediately evident when plugging into this amp. This is our most popular model.

Leviathan Amplifier


The loudest amp in production. The Leviathan pushes 80 watts at its maximum output. Four KT66’s drive a 16 ohm load. With a similar design to the Harbinger, this amp brings all the tone of the 50 watt model to a full stack rig. Don’t be fooled because it doesn't break 100 watts. This amp is loud. The amplifier responds so well to low end frequencies, I personally use this model for my bass guitar. The noise floor for such a loud amp is so low you might not notice the amp is on when it sits idle.

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